For all interested new swimmers,

The Marietta Marlins is a year-round, championship caliber swim team located in Marietta, Georgia. We specialize in developing individual champion swimmers at all levels.

Current Marlins Olympic Trial qualifiers all have their swimming starts with the Marlins (see picture below from right to left): Sarah Losinger (started at 9 yrs old), Dillon Connolly (swimming competitively at age 7), and Kelsey Gaid (began at 7 yrs old). In this past recruiting year, Dillon was the most sought after male swimmer in the country by major colleges and universities prior to his decision to swim for University of Southern California.  Next trials begins in 2012, with already 3 qualifiers, Drew Onken, Courtney Peters, nad Kelsey Gaid.

Come and swim with us and become a part of the Marlins future stars.

If you are interested in swimming with the Marlins, the first thing to do is set up a tryout with Coach Lim. The tryout usually takes place during our regular swim practice schedule (normally right after the team practice) when you can meet with Lim and give him an opportunity to evaluate your swimmer in the water.

How to contact Coach Lim: You can either email Coach Lim at,  or call him at 678-773-8383. It is recommended to do both.

Where and when do the Marlins practice? At the Cobb County Mountain View Aquatic Center

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

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